engagement rings corkRepairs :

Just about any element of your jewellery can be repaired. Ranging from a simple sizing, to the restoration of a family heirloom.

Remodelling :

Breath new life into those older disregarded pieces. I can help you create an appropriate design, utilising the materials from your existing jewellery, to produce something stunning which reflects the person you are today.

Supplying and Setting of Stones :

There is nothing worse than spotting a missing stone from your favourite piece of jewellery. I can replace any lost diamond, precious or semi-precious stone, and check to see that the other stones are secure.

Re-polishing of Precious and Semi-precious stones.

Over a period of time, coloured stones become dull and lifeless as a result of hundreds of minute scratches. Re-polishing the facets restores them to their original brilliance.

Cleaning & Polishing.

As with precious stones, over the years gold, silver and platinum develop hundreds of tiny scratches, and begin to look tired and dull. The polishing process restores the shine of your jewellery to its original brilliance.