The Lough Hyne Collection


Lough Hyne from the summit of Knockamagh

Fuchsia Earrings, West Cork

West Cork Fuchsia Earrings

In 2005 I moved to West Cork, very close to Lough Hyne, Europe’s first marine reserve. It’s both fascinating & breathtaking in equal measure. It is home to a myriad of rare and wonderful creatures. From Pipefish to Urchins, sponges to the symbiotic Adamsia, all cohabiting in perfect harmony.

Over the years I have walked, swam, cycled, canoed & photographed Lough Hyne and the local area, never failing to be moved by this beautiful gem in West Cork.

At quieter times I have been inspired to create silver representations of the fauna and flora to be found in and around the lake and its environs, and so ‘The Lough Hyne Collection’ was born.



View from Glannafeen

The Lough Hyne Oyster on Bog Oak

The Lough Hyne Oyster on Bog Oak








Ancient wall at Glannafeen


Diamond shell pendant

Lough Hyne Scallop shell, with diamond set Barnacles.




The beauty of low tide at Lough Hyne
























View from Pier at the Goleen


Beautiful rock formation on the east bank of the lake













Seaweed Pendant

Gold Plated & Oxidised Seaweed Pendant









Egret Feather Pendant

Egret feather Pendant


View from the ancient settlement at Glannafeen


Steps on the Knockamagh ascent

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Heather and gorse on the summit of Knockamagh

Sea Horse Pendant with Ruby Eye – Funky

Sea Horse Pendant with Ruby Eye


The floral variety on Knockamagh